Flawless Tanning

U Glow have launched a crystal clear anti-ageing tanning water and it’s taking the tanning industry by storm.  This innovative self-tan product is the solution to all your tanning nightmares.

U Glow Tanning Water

It hydrates and nourishes whilst achieving a flawless natural glow.

Fragrance free and odour neutralising technology.

No marks or mess. No longer the sticky feeling while your tan develops to the natural skin tone.

Crystal Clear

U Glow anti-ageing tanning water goes on clear meaning you don’t have to shy away indoors until it’s fully developed.

It makes sunless tanning effortless. Reduced odour, fast acting solution and clear application.

U Glow Tanning Water

Allows you to get on with everyday life.

The anti-ageing formula allows you to shower just three hours after the tan is applied.  If you prefer we have a formula that can be left on the skin.  With our new odour neutralising ingredients no one will ever know.


Tan Naturally


U Glow are continually striving to improve the way that self-tan is perceived. Self tan can achieve the most natural looking tan without marks or mess. Continual use reduces the need for unnecessary overexposure to harmful sunrays which in turn increases the risks of skin cancer.

Contour Confidently

Carrying on the trends of contouring, the subtle glow defines and characterises cheek bones, accentuating your inner confidence while enhancing your natural body contour.


Shout out to Salons

U Glow anti-ageing tanning has been designed and formulated with the busy salon in mind.

U Glow Tanning Water

It boasts minimal odour and clear application. U Glow is the perfect solution for both busy salons and busy clients.

U Glow, U Go.

Achieve a Flawless Glow

No marks or mess on salon walls or client clothes. No longer the sticky feeling while your tan develops to the natural skin tone.  With the current au-tan trend, U Glow allows your natural glow to shine through. No masking with colour guide perfectly fitted. It allows us to glow through our busy lives.


U Glow Tanning Water

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